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Negativity Quotes – Quotes on Negativity


“Nobody can motivate himself in a positive direction by continually using negative words. ” — John C. Maxwell

“If you find yourself plagued by a recurrent worry, train yourself to think of something else. Your conscious mind can concentrate on only one thought at a time, and driving the negativity away will free you up to move forward again. ” — Harvey Mackay

Negativity Quotes“Fear is that little darkroom where negatives are developed. ” — Michael Pritchard

“Increase your personal power through positive and powerful communication. Recognize and eliminate negative self talk. ” — Caterina Rando

“You cannot expect to live a positive life if you hang with negative people.” ― Joel Osteen

negativity quotes“We have been taught to believe that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic. ” — Susan Jeffers

“Wisdom born of experience should tell us that war is obsolete. There may have been a time when war served as a negative good by preventing the spread and growth of an evil force… If we assume that life is worth living, if we assume that mankind has the right to survive, then we must find an alternative to war. ” – Martin Luther King Jr

“Don’t let negativity affect your vision. A lot of people have said harsh things, but I don’t let it affect me. If anything it gives me more enthusiasm and pushes me to do better in my career so I can prove them wrong. ” — Nicole Polizzi

“The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves. ” — Sophocles

“He who has never hoped, can never despair. ” — George Bernard Shaw

negativity quotes“If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.” — Michael Jordan

negativity quotes“Positive anything is better than negative nothing.” — Elbert Hubbard

“Life is too short to spend in negativity. So I have made a conscious effort to not be where I don’t want to be. ” — Hugh Dillon

“We live in an age, in an era where there is so much negativity, there is so much violence in the world, there is so much unrest and people are at war, that I wanted to promote the word love and red signifies love. ” — Elton John

“Grief is the agony of an instant, the indulgence of grief the blunder of a life. ” — Benjamin Disraeli

“The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. ” — George Baker

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey. She who loves roses must be patient and not cry out when she is pierced by thorns. ” — Kenji Miyazawa

“Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power. ” — Shirley MacLaine

“If you don’t know the struggle, you don’t know your strength. ” — Mary Kay

“When you close your doors, and make darkness within, remember never to say that you are alone. For you are not alone, nay. God is within and your genius is within. And what need have they of light to see what you are doing? ” — Epictetus

negativity quotes“Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation. ” — Michael Jordan

“I liked his ability to deal with a lot of the negativity that surrounded him. Even though he was in a world that he didn’t want to be in, he still saw the bigger picture. ” — Dwayne Johnson

“The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself. ” — Mark Twain

“To all the other dreamers out there, don’t ever stop or let the world’s negativity disenchant you or your spirit. If you surround yourself with love and the right people, anything is possible. ” — Adam Green

“Your perspective on life comes from the cage you were held captive in.” ― Shannon L. Alder

negativity quotes“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” — Peace Pilgrim

“Social history might be defined negatively as the history of a people with the politics left out. ” — G. M. Trevelyan

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