Wake early by learning how to sleep


Its well known that the most productive hours of the day are when the sun is just getting out of bed and everything is quiet. But how do we train ourselves to the make the most of the quiet hours and not be tempted by the snooze button and extra hours in bed.

Listening to our body is the answer, and it may help cure insomnia as well. Learn to be an early rise by learning how to fall asleep effectively. It sounds simple enough but often we go to bed early in order to rise early, lie awake in bed for hours on end and next thing we know its already mid-morning.

On High Existence, Jordan Lejuwaan explains how going to sleep when you are almost asleep can help make you a early riser.

I read that most insomniacs are people who go to bed when they aren’t sleepy. If you aren’t sleepy and find yourself unable to fall asleep quickly, get up and stay awake for a while. Resist sleep until your body begins to release the hormones that rob you of consciousness. If you simply go to bed when you’re sleepy and then get up at a fixed time, you’ll cure your insomnia. The first night you’ll stay up late, but you’ll fall asleep right away. You may be tired that first day from getting up too early and getting only a few hours of sleep the whole night, but you’ll slog through the day and will want to go to bed earlier that second night. After a few days, you’ll settle into a pattern of going to bed at roughly the same time and falling asleep right away.

Going to bed when you are really tired ensures that you use your time more productivity instead of lying in bed and thinking about the day and wasting time. We assume that to get up early we need to go to bed early but our “sleep needs vary from day to day”. By waking up at a consistent hour in the morning, our morning routines can be more manageable and getting up straight away means that we are less likely to hit the snooze button and oversleep.

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