Wake Up Early To Boost Your Creativity

boost your creativity

Brian Cormack Carr has written an article on the Lateral Action blog on the benefits of waking up early to work in order to help the inspiration process and generate free-flowing ideas without feeling censored. Carr describes the process taken from Dorothea Brande’s book Becoming A Writer and how he incorporated it into his life.

Carr explains:

I often present clients with a range of exercises to help them home in on what they most want to do with their lives. This involves some quite introspective activities and wide-ranging thinking. Some take to these straight away, but others find them hard to do because of the voice in their head that says “that’ll never work for you” (sometimes it says things that are less polite than that)…
It didn’t take me long to realize that this voice was the voice of the dreaded ‘editor’, and so I started asking willing clients to try the same exercises immediately after waking themselves up half an hour earlier than usual…
I think the same can be said of any creative thought we expect ourselves to generate. In this world of practicalities and problems, perhaps it’s natural to protect ourselves by keeping a weather eye on all the things that might go wrong and stop us. However, when we start giving undue credence to those possible limitations, we stop ourselves from fully exploring all the options that are available to us.


By waking up early than we are used to, our inner critic doesn’t get a chance to voice its opinion and we can write more succinctly. When we are not being interrupted Carr explains that we can properly explore our creative ideas to their fullest extent without the need to instantly edit them.

Take a look at Lateraction’s article here: How Interrupting Your Sleep Can Silence Your Doubts and Boost Your Creativity


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